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History of Old Time Farm Day

In the spring of 2005, retired educator Carey Thompson had a desire to put on an Old Time Farm Day for the public. He acquired the help of Bill Campbell who had previously done horse plowing demonstrations using antique equipment. They received help from their friends, who helped them put on the first Old Time Farm Day.  It was held on June 18, 2005, at the James W. McClure Farm on Halso Mill Road in Greenville, Alabama. This event was to show the younger generation the ways of rural farm life and to bring back fond memories to the older generation. There were mule and horse teams and antique tractors doing field work throughout the day. There were games, pony rides, and prizes for the children. The older generation enjoyed seeing the mules plowing with vintage equipment, working blacksmith, gristmill, cow milking, basket weaving, and the old tractors. This event was financed by the people working with the Old Time Farm Day and a few donations from merchants and friends.

Due to public request, the second Old Time Farm Day was planned. It was held October 29, 2005 at the James McClure Farm on Halso Mill Road. This event was very much like the first one, except for the addition of several more games for the children and old folks. This event was also sponsored by the people working with Old Time Farm Day and donations from merchants and friends.

In August 2006, those involved with Old Time Farm Day knew the public response was such that this event would need to be held annually. Those involved decided to form a club and elect officers to apply for Articles of Incorporation. This was done and a Constitution and By-Laws were drawn up for membership.

The third event was also held on the McClure farm on October 28, 2006. This event was very much like the first two. A cake walk for the children and one for the adults was added that year.  Also, Bluegrass and Gospel music performances were added throughout the day.  These additions were certainly big hits!  

The organization voted to move the event to a permanent location in 2007. Since October 27, 2007, the event has been held at 2828 Sandcutt Road, Greenville, Alabama. 

The new location on Sandcutt Road proved to be an ideal spot.  There was a large parking area there, and a shed to sit under and watch the activities.  There was also ample room for buggy rides, plowing demonstrations, pedal tractor races, and the like.  The new Sandcutt location also offered extra room for future construction, new trails, and exhibition sites.  Furthermore, fields were available so that crops such as cotton, corn, peanuts, sugar cane, pumpkins and velvet beans could be planted. Cows, goats, chickens, miniature horses, mules, donkeys, and rabbits could also be included in the fun here due to the extra space.  

Since the very first Old Time Farm Day began, there have been many exciting, enjoyable, and educational activities added.  Activites for the children have expanded and now include corn shucking contests, pedal tractor races, boot races, kiddies cake walks, face painting booths, a petting zoo, cotton picking contests, pumpkin picking, wagon rides, hay loft jumping,  and much, much more.

In fact, children, parents, and educators  enjoyed the new and improved Old Time Farm Day so much that they asked the directors to plan a school day so that students from local schools could attend.  This became a reality.  Thus, the name of the event was changed to Old Time Farm Days.  

Adults have a great deal to enjoy as well.  Adults of all ages can enjoy the plowing demonstrations, vintage equipment, working blacksmith, gristmill, syrup making, cane mill, basket weaving, quilting, cow milking, and butter churning just to name a few.  Also, a one room farm house has been reconstructed on the property for those who just want to sit and rememeber the good old days.        

Work is never done at the Sandcutt location in preparing for the Old Time Farm Day. Plans are being made to expand restroom facilities.  It is the goal of the Old Time Farm Day directors to add a new facility each year until the needs of the public are met.  These needed improvemnts are made possible by the dedicated , hard work of the directors and volunteers and by generous donations of money, lumber, materials, and labor.

Much has changed since that very first Old Time Farm Day back in June of 2005.  Mr. Thompson's vision has blossomed into two annual events that draw visitors and students from miles around.  Attractions continue to be added, and improvements continue to be made.  The event has increased in numbers and popularity each year and the desire of the organization is to maintain continued growth and become a Heritage Park for future generations to enjoy.     

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